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More   than   Luxury


Sam Commercial Complex was established in the late 2011 with new approach for defining and manufacturing a dynamic space within noble framework at Tehran by having unique architectural structure and focusing on world’s most valid and famous brand in order to meet the customer’s requirements. The 2 most key properties of Sam Center are including: “nobility and quality of offering new style for life and clothes”.

Presence of valid and famous brands in the field of clothes, bag and shoes, complementary items, gold and jewelry, wrist watch, silver, cosmetics, perfume, Eau de Cologne for meeting the customer’s requirements i.e. customers being tried and fed-up with travel, merchants and policy makers and any perspicacious person in search of finding unique items for lifestyle and also respected guests traveling to Iran who are very far from their homeland to feel relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


The supreme mission of Sam Center is offering unique and distinguished services to welcome perspicacious persons. Sam Center by having standard parking space with area of 240 square meters with 2 access ways from Fereshteh St and Modares Highway, specific lobby space by serving different type of delicious foods which is regarded as appropriate place for daily meetings with important persons or simply your friends, unique cafeteria, guarantees to have relaxed, enjoyable time which may be never forgotten. After cafeteria there is a beautiful and artistic garden that by visiting it you may have relax, fresh and pleasant feeling free from hesitation and stress.

Even the Alborz Mountain is visible from Sam Complex. This complex has 4 restaurants with different cooking style and nationalities; nevertheless, they have nobility, diversity, beauty in common by observing standards that attracts attention of any fastidious persons. Sam Center is a selection to meet the specific requirements of every persons of society.




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